Whispering Oaks Vineyard was planted in 2003 with the first five annual harvests of grapes sold to wineries in California, Oregon and Colorado.  In 2010, owners Mike and Tori Baker decided it was time to put a Whispering Oaks Vineyard label on their highly regarded grapes.

To debut their Whispering Oaks 2010 vintage, a winemaker was commissioned to develop the Syrah blend.  It has been a tremendous success resulting in a wine that promises not to disappoint. In 2011, Whispering Oaks became a licensed and bonded winery in Shasta County.

In 2010, their son, Aaron Maxwell, became an integral part of the business during the annual harvest season. Aaron aims to utilize his background and passion for the winemaking industry to accelerate the products of Whispering Oaks.  He also spends time with some of the best local winemakers in Shasta and Tehama County to emerge himself into the process of integrating old-world style with new world methods.

Vineyard and Winery

The five-acre vineyard of Syrah thrives in the long, hot summer climates and rocky soil of Redding, CA.  Whispering Oaks Vineyard shares many of the same environmental conditions of the Rhone Valley of France, said to be the origin of the Syrah varietal.

The vineyard yields are monitored and kept at optimum levels to ensure the utmost fruit quality, maximizing varietal character and intensity while creating a well structured, balanced wine.  Our emphasis in the vineyard enables us to handcraft high quality and elegant, yet approachable, wines.

From the vine to the bottle, the winery is where it all happens and the family would like to share the experience with you. Within the boutique winery, a tasting area was created to allow our friends and guests an enjoyable space to enjoy our wines. The family whole heartedly believes that each visit to Whispering Oaks is
NOT JUST A TASTE, AN EXPERIENCE.”  Please join us to see for yourself.


The Whispering Oaks Vineyard and Winery is set amidst gently rolling hills scattered with majestic oaks on a 40-acre estate in Redding, CA.  The estate is located off Highway 44 East and Stillwater South in Shasta County.

The owners have fallen in love with the elegant craft of growing grapes, producing wine and further developing the Shasta County community.  Their hard work, dedication and passion has created a relaxing yet memorable atmosphere where the wines are both produced and enjoyed in the northern California region.


Our philosophy at Whispering Oaks is for superior quality from the beginning. Time, energy and vigilance go into the health and well being of both the vines and soil throughout all seasons.

Ultimately, wine production is dictated by the maturation of the vintage through hand harvesting with the utmost care only when the grapes are fully ripe. This practice emphasizes the commitment required to ensure that the Whispering Oaks Vineyard has the very best product to work with year after year.